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What is the difference between spherical and aspheric lenses?

What is a spherical mirror? What is an aspherical lens? What's the difference between the two? Why do you recommend aspheric lenses to me? Let's talk about the difference between the two.

A spherical lens has a spherical surface, and the radius of curvature of the entire lens is the same. On the contrary, the surface of aspheric lens is more complex, and the curvature changes gradually from center to edge. These design differences can reduce the number of elements in the component and lead to thinner and lighter lenses.

The surface of a spherical lens looks like part of a sphere or cylinder.

The curves are the same across the surface. If you draw a straight line to follow the curve, it will form a circle. Because the design is simple, spherical lens design is usually cheaper.

The surface of an aspherical lens must not be part of a sphere or cylinder. The curve of some parts of the lens surface changes to better focus the light. This change in the surface corrects various aberrations.

If you want to reduce the spherical aberration in the image, you should use an aspherical lens.

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What is a spherical lens?

Imagine a transparent sphere with a circle in front of us. The surface of a sphere is a surface called a sphere. Spherical lens means that only one surface of the sphere is selected as the lens.

Spherical mirror

What is an aspherical lens?

Literally, it's easy to understand: what is "non"? "No" means "no", so what is an aspherical lens? In fact, this means that the lens is not spherical.

Aspherical lens in spectacle lens

In appearance, the spherical lens is "big belly", but the aspheric lens is relatively flat, so from an aesthetic point of view, the aspheric lens will look better. Because aspheric lenses are precisely designed and the combination of lens degrees is optimized, they are thinner and more collision resistant than spherical lenses. Therefore, people with higher degrees usually wear aspheric lenses.

When you look at the world through the lens, the difference will be more obvious.

Through the comparison table, we can see at a glance:

When you look around the spherical lens, there will be deformation. Due to the aspherical design, the aspherical lens can minimize the difference between the lens edges. Seeing objects is more natural, less deformed and more realistic.

Aspheric lens is so good, why do people choose spherical lens?

For friends with mild myopia, wearing spherical and aspheric lenses is almost the same, there will be no aberration problem, and the lens thickness is similar. Considering the price factor, spherical lens can be selected.

In addition, for a few people who are particularly sensitive to color, such as wearing aspheric lenses and feeling rainbow phenomenon, you can try to replace spherical lenses.

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